Common Checked Luggage Allotments

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  • Checked Luggage Standard Complimentary Allowances
    • US Major Airlines(Domestic Travel for US and Canada)/South America(International) – None. Bags up to 50lbs, not to exceed 62 linear inches(length + width + height), with a fee.
    • U.S. Discount Airlines – 1 to 2 pieces, depending on the airline. Some discount airlines may charge for luggage on varying scales.
    • Transatlantic Service(most carriers) – 2 pieces, not to exceed 62 linear inches, 44-88lbs, depending on airline and class of service purchased.
    • Intra-Europe – Many airlines limit to one piece complimentary. Discount airlines often charge by the kilo over the allotment, in addition to per bag fees. Average for them is 44lbs or 20K.
    • Asia & South Pacific – 2 pieces, not to exceed 62 inches, 50-70lbs depending on airline and class.

For specific information, please check the website or contact your airline.

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