Travel Insurance

There are many conflicting thoughts on whether or not to buy insurance. As we often say about the issue…THE BEST THING ABOUT INSURANCE IS HAVING WASTED YOUR MONEY. You don’t want to make a claim, but you want to know you won’t be out a great deal of money if something happens.

Ask yourself some questions…the LA Times suggests…here is our process.

  • What coverage do I already have?
    • Does your Health Insurance cover you abroad? Many do not cover you in foreign countries.
    • Some Credit Cards provide some rudimentary insurance. Review your credit card terms and conditions.
    • The same applies for AAA and homeowner’s insurance
  • How expensive is the trip? – The first decision with insurance is how much you could lose if you fail to go. The majority of tickets are nonrefundable. Canceling ground arrangements can also result in lost deposits, penalties, etc. For that matter…how much of your money do you lose if you don’t go? What are the rules of your various purchases?
  • Don’t Immediately Buy Insurance from your Travel Supplier – Like anything else, shop around.
  • Read your policy – if it doesn’t cover for what you want…that isn’t the insurance for you.

Let’s break down some single trip policies elements…with the help of the people at

  • Trip Cancellation – This covers you for cancellation prior to the trip for a prescribed reason. Usually anything but inability to go due to a scheduling conflict. Usually covered reasons are medical in nature. Review your maximum limits here to correspond with your trip.
  • Trip Interruption – This covers you for having to return early due to the covered reasons…
  • Terrorism – Coverage usually only applies for terrorist events, not scares. So if a group of people are arrested due to a suspected terror plot…it does not usually cover it.
  • Travel Delay/Missed Connection – This is one of the most important in today’s environment…as flights are frequently delayed and cause the missing of connections. This allows you to…even for weather-related delays not covered by the airline, make claims for transportation and accommodation expenses incurred.
  • Baggage Damage/Delay – This covers for the delay of your baggage causing ou to purchase clothes/toiletries on the road, or loss of baggage covering its replacement. Usually does not cover certain types of valuables.
  • Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage – This one is usually only needed if you go abroad. It provides for you should you become sick.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation – This provides for you to be transported to a medical facility should the care you need not be available locally or provides for you to be transported to care in your home country.
  • Pre-Existing Condition Waiver/Period – This provision allows preexisting conditions to be covered if purchased within a period from your initial trip payment.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment – This covers for the obvious…death or debilitating injury while on your trip. It can include flight accident insurance and other provisions.