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So It’s Time to Complain

You’ve just suffered a horrible customer service experience with an airline. They’ve canceled a flight, lost your luggage, etc. You’ve decided you need satisfaction. Here are some simple tips for approaching the problem.

Useful Tip: Make Your Own Passport Photos

We were recently making plans to renew our passports, checking our log of useful tips and found this one posted in January on the Consumerist. There’s no reason to pay a store $8 for a couple of passport photos…Not when there is!

Travel Insurance is your Friend

Have you purchased Travel Insurance for your trip? Insurance can usually be purchased for around 4%-8% of your trip cost. Check out our Travel Insurance advice page…Infrequent Flier is full of sound advice and information, available through the top links on every page.

Now, until recently, we advised that insurance was best for trips to foreign countries and/or those with expensive tours associated with them. But there are many other

You Get What You Pay For – Cheapoair

Our motto is: We Discount the Fares, never the Service!

There is their motto…here is ours…Don’t use Cheapoair…we can’t make it any simpler than that…We have yet to hear of a good experience with this organization. In our other blog…Flight Wisdom, we often criticize Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and Cheaptickets…however…we await a positive comment from anyone on this latest discounter.