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The Science of Getting Through a Security Checkpoint

In the recent movie, Up in the Air, George Clooney’s character, the frequent traveller, gives some important tips on how to get through a security checkpoint. Here is some sound advice from us on the subject. The airport checkpoint is an assembly line of sorts, with each person doing the same series of repetitive tasks before moving on.

How To and Not to Tag Your Bags

What you put on your luggage tag may reveal too much about you. For one, anyone who hangs around the airport and sneaks a peak at one may know where you live and that you likely won’t be home that night.

Securing Your Luggage

Recently, a Yale Student sued US Airways over a lost Xbox 360, claiming damages in the amount of $1 million. That, and commentary on our overly litigious society aside, it prompted us to suggest a few things to keep your possessions safe when you travel.

Stocking Your First-Aid Kit

Packing Smart is one of the best things you can do, especially now that checking baggage costs money. But what to pack? One of the things you should always keep in your bag is a first-aid kit, customized to your needs.

How to Avoid Paying Baggage Fees

FreeMoneyFinance had some advice on saving money by avoiding baggage fees. As you might know, many of the major carriers have started charging fifteen dollars for the first checked piece. And since the contents of carry-on bags are regulated by the TSA, there are some things you simply cannot transport without it. Here is our version of their information.