What To Do When It Snows On Your Parade

For months, you’ve been planning your dream trip. Your new bathing suit is ready, you’ve got a pile of books, and the sandy beaches await you. As you complete your packing, you here the dreaded news on the radio- a blizzard is on the way.

Your disappointment is great, and can lead to tension and anger. Here are some quick tips on how to best cope with the situation:

So It’s Time to Complain

You’ve just suffered a horrible customer service experience with an airline. They’ve canceled a flight, lost your luggage, etc. You’ve decided you need satisfaction. Here are some simple tips for approaching the problem.

The Science of Getting Through a Security Checkpoint

In the recent movie, Up in the Air, George Clooney’s character, the frequent traveller, gives some important tips on how to get through a security checkpoint. Here is some sound advice from us on the subject. The airport checkpoint is an assembly line of sorts, with each person doing the same series of repetitive tasks before moving on.

Getting Online on the Road

We’ve never been able to understand why the more expensive hotels charge for wi-fi and the less expensive offer it free, especially when those same hotels are trying to attract business travelers, who want to get work done. The simple answer, of course, is that they can. Many business travelers are booking less expensive hotels, even if their employers will allow them to pay more. The estimate is 40% of hotels charge. In defense, with no more revenue for gauging people for telephone calls, they need a replacement.

Holiday Travel Tips: Thanksgiving 2009

Every holiday, there comes the obligatory holiday advisory. Of course, US Airlines are predicting a 4% drop in Thanksgiving travel compared to last year, but since airlines have cut capacity significantly, travel on the busiest travel holiday of the year will likely be hectic.